Electric Vehicle Energy Manager for Service Sizes 125A, 150A, 200A, and up to a 60A Charger (EVEMS240-200 NEMA 1)


样式: Service Sizes 125A 150A 200A and up to a 60A Charger(EVEMS240-200 NEMA 1)
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The Black Box Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems (EVEMS) offers a reliable solution to install a level 2 charger in your home without the need to update your electrical panel. You can install up to 11.5 KW or 48A electric vehicle charger on your current electrical service without worrying about any overloading or power-tripping issues. There is no need to install an additional electric panel or pay extra to get a service upgrade. The Black Box Energy Management system is also compatible with the majority of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, which means you can invest in the product without any concerns in regard to your vehicle’s warranty.

Approved by Intertek, the Black Box Energy Management System comes in a convenient size perfectly designed to fit in small spaces. It is very quick and easy to install, requiring only 30 to 45 minutes for the entire process to complete.

EVEMS/ALMS for the following combinations:

 Rating Of or Above Device Controlled (EV Charger)

EV Charger Suggested Breaker

125A Main Breaker

150A Main Breaker

200A Main Breaker

7.2/7.6KW - 30/32A 40 YES YES YES
9.6KW - 40A 50 YES YES YES
11.5KW/12KW - 48/50A 60 YES YES YES


Link to installation instructions and specifications sheets for more information.

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