Eaton/Copper Switches

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Decro SP 15A 7501W-C
Eaton Decro SP 15A 7501W-C
Sale price$1.58
In stock
Decro 3way 7503W-C
Eaton Decro 3way 7503W-C
Sale price$2.88
In stock
Decro 4way 7504-Box
Eaton Decro 4way 7504-Box
Sale price$12.45
In stock
Combination Triple SP 7729W
Eaton Combination Triple SP 7729W
Sale price$26.30
In stock
Combination SP +15A TR7730W
Eaton Combination SP +15A TR7730W
Sale price$13.40
In stock
Combination SP+3WAY 7732W
Eaton Combination SP+3WAY 7732W
Sale price$19.95
In stock
Lighted Decro Switch 7511w
Eaton Lighted Decro Switch 7511w
Sale price$6.85
Sold out
Lighted 3way Switch 7513W
Eaton Lighted 3way Switch 7513W
Sale price$9.80
In stock
Double Pole AH1222V
Eaton Double Pole AH1222V
Sale price$25.13
In stock
Weather Protective Cover for Toggle Switch S2983
Eaton 30A Double Pole Toggle Switch 3032W

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