Eaton/Copper Receptacles

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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products
Decro 15A TR1107W
Eaton Decro 15A TR1107W
Sale price$1.62
In stock
Decro 20A TR1307W
Eaton Decro 20A TR1307W
Sale price$3.08
In stock
Dup 15A TR270W
Sale price$1.45
In stock
Dup 20A TR370W
Eaton Dup 20A TR370W
Sale price$3.08
In stock
Decro SP 20A TR6350W
Eaton Decro SP 20A TR6350W
Sale price$14.80
Sold out
Dup 15A 250V 826W
Eaton Dup 15A 250V 826W
Sale price$9.68
In stock
Dup 20A 250V 815W
Eaton Dup 20A 250V 815W
Sale price$21.98
In stock
Recp Single Non TR 20A 125V 1877W
Eaton Recp Single Non TR 20A 125V 1877W
Sale price$5.58
In stock
TR7740  USB + 15A
Eaton TR7740 USB + 15A
Sale price$25.12
Sold out
Recp Single Non TR 20A 250V 1876W
Eaton Recp Single Non TR 20A 250V 1876W
Sale price$10.35
In stock
2 USB 15A TR7755W
Eaton 2 USB 15A TR7755W
Sale price$23.88
Sold out
2 USB 20A TR7756W
Eaton 2 USB 20A TR7756W
Sale price$40.08
Sold out
Dryer Recp 30A125/250V3P4W 1167
AMELECO Dryer Recp 30A125/250V3P4W 1167
Sale price$5.36
In stock
Range Recp 50A125/250V3P4W 1168
Eaton Range Recp 50A125/250V3P4W 1168
Sale price$5.36
In stock
Eaton Straight-Blade 250V 15A plug 4866
Eaton Straight-Blade 250V 15A connector 4227
Eaton Straight-Blade 250V 20A plug 4509
Eaton Straight-blade 250V 20A connector 4229
Eaton Straight-blade 125V 15A Plug 4867
Eaton Straight-blade 125V 15A Connector 4887
Eaton Straight-blade 125V 20A Plug 4409
Eaton 15A Combination USB charger receptacle 7740
Eaton Duplex 15A Combination USB Charger 7755
Eaton 3.6A Combination USB charger 7765

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